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Functional training, flexibility & balance, HIIT, and strength training to help you get stronger, increase muscle mass and decrease body fat, and improve balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Whether one-on-one or with a couple of friends, we make exercise both effective and fun. 

I love and have special training in working with underserved communities - especially older adults, persons in treatment for or in recovery from cancer, and persons with physical and/or intellectual disabilities - using mindfulness and movement to help people feel empowered in their lives and perform the activities of daily living with more ease.

Currently offering remote sessions on Zoom!

  • Individuality - Programs to help you meet your personal fitness goals. 

  • Accountability - I'm your coach and I'm in your corner. Had a bad day and ate an entire pie? I get it. I've been there. Sometimes, I'm still there! Let's talk it through. 

  • Passion - I love what I do, and I can't wait to help you love exercise and movement, too!

  • Fun - Movement can be powerful, and exercise can be fun.

  • Respect - For you and your needs, goals, preferences, concerns, and limitations. I create an environment free from judgment. I am here to support you along the way. 

  • Comfort - No ego. No pressure. No judgment.  Just you and me, crushing your goals. I got you. Let's do this!

  • Mindset - Incorporating yoga philosophy, I can help you create individualized strategies for healthy behavior change that can assist you in meeting your goals. 


For info on pricing for Personal Training and Small Group Training, click here.

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